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Real Talk by Shakira Rayann is a must read book for all teens. We now live in a superficial society that no longer appreciates uniqueness and individuality.  Shakira has managed to produce a book that will enable teenage girls to be courageous and embrace themselves as they were uniquely created by God. Shakira was very transparent in her journey of self awareness and acceptance. I am truly in awe of the level of wisdom and truth Shakira was able to place in this book. It is my hope that young girls from different walks of life will take the time to read this book as it will without a doubt be a tremendous blessing. 

Samarra St. Hilaire Ms, OTR/L, CMPT

Author & Pediatric Occupational Therapist

What happens when a 16-year-old decides to not only pursue her purpose, but chooses in the midst of that to inspire and other encourage young women? Enter Real Talk, the debut release by Author Shakira Rayann. No other time in history have young women been more passionate about their life and journey. Real Talk is an open, honest and riveting book you can enjoy when you need encouragement alone or sitting with your BFF's. Author Shakira is wise beyond her years. I look forward to reading future releases from her. 

Tamika L. Sims,
Award-winning/Amazon Bestselling Author of Four Books

“Real Talk” by Shakira Rayann was very empowering and motivating, for young ladies. It encompasses the struggles that they face everyday. It include ways to successfully survive and overcome the throes they encounter. Her unequivocal message was invigorating for someone of her age.

Heidi Quashie Mckie
U.S.Army Veteran, Mental Health Provider, LMSW.

Shakira Rayann's book Real Talk is an honest, spiritual and relatable book that every young woman could benefit from reading. She successfully delves into subjects matters that many teenage girls struggle with in life while providing "real" solutions using spirituality and common sense. Her positive outlook and uplifting messages are very refreshing. 

Daneace Terry Jeffery

Author, High School Teacher 

Real Talk: A Journey of Faith, Hope, and Love by Author Shakira Rayann is one of the best Young Adult Books of 2018 I have read thus far, a book that gives Young adults and even older adults full transparency as she shares some Real hardships that she had to endure, Shakira provided readers with Real and Authentic advice on how to push through adversities. Shakira let people know how life and people can really beat us down at points in our life, but if we use Faith , Hope and Love, we can push through it all and come out Restored and Renewed. Author Shakira Rayann is an Author that is ahead of her time, her insight, and wisdom is absolutely amazing, and I look forward to seeing more from this Awesome Author!


Bianca Fly

Host of The Beautiful Butterfly Radio Show

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