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Her Needs 

Young girls struggle now more than ever with the concept of love, especially when relating to themselves. Her Needs is a mentoring organization that caters primarily to the needs of your girl! Our program works to create a personalized bond with each of our mentees, evaluating the needs of our girls prior to designing the lessons for our program. This ensures each lesson within the curriculum meets the needs of the individual. The purpose of this self love institution is to define and emphasize the true meaning of self love. Her Needs defines self love as a marriage or unconditional commitment of love devoted to oneself; choosing to remain patient, kind, forgiving, and encouraging with oneself forever. Our institution values the journey of each girl just as much as we value the results. By the end of the program our goal is to ensure each girl has established a strong foundation of self love, and is equipped with the ability to confidently leave their personal mark of positivisity on the world. 

Individual Mentoring 

Why Individual Mentoring?

Self love should always be a priority amongst us Queens. Individual mentoring sessions allows young girls the chance to experience their own personalized journey of self love. Individual sessions focus specifically on the strengths and weakness of your Queen, allowing her to reach her highest level of excellence. Each girl will receive a chance to customize every session with instructional methods, topics, quizzes, and discussions that cater specifically to her needs. Individual Mentoring includes:

  • 7  mentoring sessions 

  • 1 pre-evaluation session

  • 1 free consultation

  • A copy of the book Real Talk by Shakira Rayann  


What Occurs in Each Session?

Each girl will have one free consultation with Shakira to discuss her desired goals, strengths, and weakness regarding self confidence.  Following this session the girls will complete two evaluation assessments to assist in the customization of her mentoring sessions. Contingent on the results of the assessment and consultation, a personalized program will be designed for your young girl. Each session may include but is not limited to open ended discussions, instructional teachings, weekly assignments/recommendations, readings from Real Talk, and  any additional means of support neccesary. 

Group Mentoring 

What Is Group Mentoring?

Group Mentoring is our company's instructional sessions on self love! Self love is often not taught to young girls in schools, as a result self confidence has become tarnished over the years. The purpose of group mentoring is to teach young girls the significance of self love within a safe environment of peers, in which the girls can relate and encourage one another to grow. Group mentoring follows a more instructional style of mentoring based off of the entries from Shakira Rayann's book Real Talk. Throughout our sessions the girls will touch on each of these topics:

  • Week 1: Survey/Assessments

  • Week 2: Broken (Releasing Limiting Beliefs)

  • Week 3: I Can't Do This Alone (Relying on God)

  • Week 4: Affirmations (Reprogramming Your Subconscious)

  • Week 5: Love of My Life (Self Empowerment)

  • Week 6: Goddesses Only (Self Care)

  • Week 7: Man, He's Fine (Family, Friends, And Romantic Relationships)

  • Week 8: I Am (Redefining Me)


What Occurs In Each Session?

Each class is held for the duration of an hour. Within this hour there is a 10 minute check in and update segment, 20 minutes of instruction in one of the seven topics, and 30 minutes of one on one discussion with the girls. 

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